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Mobile Sauna M

In the peaceful embrace of nature, with a lake as smooth as glass and soft smoke rising from the heart of the sauna as it gets warmer. Finnish holidays do not feel the same without a proper sauna and droplets of sweat that form in its heat.

Mobile Sauna M is delivered to the yard outside your cabin or on your plot effortlessly, affordably and ready to heat! The heat and steam of the Lapelland saunas are not praised for nothing: our construction principles include uncompromising quality and the best materials. That is why Lapelland sauna wagons always provide an excellent sauna experience.

Mobile Sauna M includes not only a spacious sauna room, but also a generous dressing room for added comfort and privacy, which can also be used for extra accommodation or as a remote office. The gentle heat of the sauna can comfortably accommodate four adults. Mobile Sauna M allows you to enjoy the sauna in the summer and winter. LED lighting is available as an optional accessory. Mobile Sauna M can also be built with a separate outdoor entrance to the sauna.


  • Roof form, Gable roof
  • Chassis LED lighting and signal lights
  • Galvanized brakeless chassis, jockey wheel, adjustable supporting legs, crank
  • Walls and partition wall polished CLT 42mm (solid wood)
  • Roof CLT 42mm (solid wood) polished, edge panels with eaves, Icopal pintapolar felt roof
  • Hi-Dry vinyl mat, dark gray, in Sauna, Overturns to floor drain
  • Exterior door and intermediate door
  • Windows tempered glass
  • Door and window coverings and fittings
  • Ventilation grilles
  • Trimmings 12*58 mm triangle lather
  • Harvia M3 wood stove, protective walls, protective base, stove stones
  • Jeremias Premium-pipe, pipe grommet and collar, flue sealing (insulated flue all the way)
  • Jeremias pipe model water heater 22 liters
  • Powder fire extinguisher
  • Thermal pine bench (inc upper bench, lower bench and backrest)
  • Dressing room bench/box CLT 28mm (solid wood)

  • Stepping stair
  • Additional trim
  • Electric package 230V
  • Solar package
  • Indoor lighting 12V
  • Indoor lighting 230V
  • Insulation
  • LED lighting on the outside
  • Antenna package
  • Air heat pump
  • Extendable sofa bed
  • Bed (several options)
  • Mosquito nets
  • Blackout curtains

Lapelland wagons are available 100 % ready for use and delivered to your location. You can also pick up the wagon yourself from the Lapelland factory or nearest reseller point. Contact us for more information!

Why are sauna wagons and tiny houses on wheels?

Due to its undeniable advantages! Mobility enables use in different places: for example, in the winter in the backyard and in the summer on the cottage beach. As a trailer, the cabin or sauna does not require separate groundwork or foundations, but is ready for use upon arrival. If your living situation changes and the place of residence changes, the sauna or tiny house follows with you or can be sold on. Lapelland wagons retain their value exceptionally well.

As a mobile solution, the cabin or sauna can be delivered quickly and cost-effectively to the address given by the buyer, completely ready, so that you already know exactly the costs of the entire project at the time of purchase. All our wagons are registered, so they can be insured and financed like normal car financing safely and affordably.

What is the sauna experience like compared to a fixed sauna?

The \"off-the-ground\" structure of the sauna wagon and tiny house trailers enables efficient ventilation, both in the dressing room or bedroom side and in the sauna. A good sauna can be identified by correctly selected materials, suitable board height and sufficient air circulation – all of which can be found in Lapelland sauna wagons. Our group has experience in manufacturing almost 10,000 saunas.

Can the sauna or cabin trailer be left in the cold for the winter?

Yes you can. All materials have been chosen inside and out in such a way that you can leave the wagon completely cold during the winter. Efficient ventilation (gravitational) dries the air inside together with the hearth. Strong structures also withstand the winter snow load.

How many years does a sauna or cabin trailer last in use?

All our structural solutions are the result of long experience and product development. The ventilated structures of the carriages maintain themselves. The service life of a tiny house and sauna wagon is similar to that of a regular fixed building.

Can the sauna waters be drained directly to the ground?

In practice, the water carried to the sauna is allowed to flow directly to the ground. Of course, it is recommended that the washing water is directed to e.g. a stone well or an absorption pit.

However, even small amounts of waste water must not cause environmental pollution, and waste water must not be led directly into a watercourse or near a drinking water well. Wastewater should also not be poured inside or in the immediate vicinity of buildings, where the structures can get wet and thus increase the risk of mold and moisture damage.

If the service water comes in under pressure (pumping), the amount of water may still be small. The low level of waste water in a residential property can be assessed with the help of the property\'s level of equipment, number of inhabitants and water use. Borderline cases regarding when the amount of wastewater is small are decided by the municipality\'s environmental protection authority.

Depending on the quality and quantity of wastewater, a suitable solution is chosen. Greasy kitchen water often requires septic tank treatment before absorption. An absorption pit or well is never a sufficient treatment method for toilet water treatment.

Do saunas or mobile homes require a building permit or notification procedure?

Basically, Lapelland\'s sauna wagons and tiny houses are subject to the same regulations and rules as caravans. If you are allowed to keep and use a caravan on the plot, the use of a Lapelland wagon is also allowed.

Sauna and accommodation wagons can be equipped as self-sufficient or e.g. models that can be connected to the water and sewer network. If the wagon is connected to the infrastructure (water and sewage network), it can in some cases be interpreted as a fixed structure, in which case a check from your own municipality is in order.

Why would I buy a sauna wagon or a tiny house?

Lapelland is a uniquely effortless and easy way to realize your dream of your own backyard sauna or cabin. By getting a sauna or cabin trailer, you can immediately use the product and enjoy life at low costs.

What kind of car can I use to pull a wagon?

All Lapelland wagons can be pulled by car. Depending on the weight of the wagon, a sufficient driver\'s license is also required. The total weights of Lapelland wagons are between 750 kg and 3500 kg. The towing vehicle must have a sufficiently large braking mass. If you don\'t have the right kind of tow truck, you can order the transportation of the wagon and its installation from your local Lapelland reseller.

Does the wagon need to be inspected and registered?

All our models come to the customer already registered and our products never need to be inspected.

How do I insure the wagon?

Just like a normal vehicle. Depending on your insurance policy, you may also put the wagon under standstill insurance if you don\'t use it in traffic. In this case, the expenses are usually significantly reduced.

Feel free to contact us for more information, we’ll be happy to help you in all questions.

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The best possible sauna is one thing – and the optimal surrounding is another. Why not have both: you can easily move your Lapelland sauna wagon to wherever you want, enjoying the experience in front of the view of your choice.




We can promise the fastest installation experience on the market: from the moment the trailer has stopped in your yard, your sauna or tiny house is ready for use within a quarter of an hour.


"Functional and compact sleeping accommodation in connection with sauna. Can also be moved to another place if necessary"!

Pälvi Reponen & Pasi Kakkonen


"The Grand sauna wagon is definitely our best mobile sauna – and very popular"

Ari-Pekka Suomela
Finnish Sauna Society


"The best thing about Lapelland wagons is that they are immediately ready for use!"

Satu Kangas, Lap House


"Very functional and stylish cabin. The transaction was really effortless, our wishes were listened to and the transport service worked great"!

Eeva Pentinpuro


"Our customers have given a rating of 9.7 on The mobile home has an excellent sauna and compact accommodation with everything you need."

Satu Palosaari, Palosaari Reindeer and fishing farm


"The tiny house arrived on time and with all the right modifications. The house is high-quality and cozy – and enough for two people."

Helena & Seppo Heinänen

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